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Diamond Clarity

Clarity describes the cleanness of the diamond. Like anything in nature, no diamond is created equal. Different diamonds have different amount of flaws. There are two main type of flaws - blemish and inclusion. Blemish is found the surface of the diamond. Inclusion is found within the diamond. Here are some of the flaws:

  • Pinpoint - A small white dot on the surface of the diamond
  • Carbon - A small black dot on the surface of the diamond
  • Feather - A small crack within a diamond that looks similiar to a broken glass. Small internal feathers are harmless but big ones can cause crack as the diamond ages.
  • Cloud - A hazy area within the diamond. The area is actually made up of many small crystals that are impossible to see individually
  • Crystal Growth – A small crystalline growth within the diamond that look like a small diamond within a big diamond.

Diamonds with no or few flaws are more highly valued than those with more inclusion. Not all flaws are visual to the naked eyes. Some are only visual under a high magnification.

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